With the economic downfall in full force, our founder, Alex Tsymbal, took a risk and decided to go out on his own to start our framing business, AT Framing Construction, in 2007. He always looked further than framing. Alex knows framing is a hard physical job, but he felt it was an excellent avenue to gain knowledge and the financing needed to learn the building trade from the inside out.

Framing our business.

Our mission is to build a home for you with the same attention to detail as we would for ourselves. Using the same strategy, our framing business gained a reputation as one of the best quality framing companies in town. Building homes is more than just framing but we use the same strategy to aim for excellence.  By pairing it with an equal level of enthusiasm for customer service, we hope to build and maintain a well deserved reputation in the home building industry.

We build homes the right way- starting from the ground up.

Because AT Homes learned construction from the inside out, you will receive a quality home from the inside out. Since we started with framing, we have an edge to get your home built the right way- from the frame, all the way through to the trim work. We build structurally sound homes meant to stand the test of time. You’ll find our homes in Columbia, MO and up to 15 miles outside of the city limits, priced from the mid $200,000s to the mid $400,000s.


I have pride in what I do. So, each time I build a home, I build it like I would for myself, that’s what sets me apart from other builders. 

–  Alex Tysmbal


Staff Members:


Alex & Viktoriya Tsymbal

Alex Tsymbal founded AT Framing Construction in 2007. He manages all new construction through AT Homes. He and his wife, Viktoriya, have two sons and live in Columbia, MO.

Viktoriya Tsymbal’s degree in Business Management helps her run the company’s accounting and grow AT Homes as the company’s Realtor. She works with The Company Real Estate in Columbia. As Alex’s wife, Viktoriya has been by his side from the launch of AT Framing Construction and shares Alex’s drive for excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

Petr Tsymbal

Petr Tsymbal

Petr Tsymbal has been framing beside Alex since 2011. As Alex started to step away from the day to day framing responsibilities, he felt there was no better person to manage AT Framing than Petr Tsymbal, his brother. Petr has been managing the framing operations since 2014, and continues to insure each project is completed successfully.

Alex is without a doubt primarily interested in customer satisfaction and quality of work. The attention to detail in our house is amazing and one of the first things that we noticed was the quality. It was obvious to us that he clearly understands what attracts potential homeowners by his use of space, quality and design. - George and Karen Keburov